Twits and Such for 2008-07-31

  • Sleepy sleepy tired #
  • @thepete you can only see the mixi app in iTunes #
  • @thepete that’s pretty retarded, don’t know why web companies would even limit their apps to any given region. #
  • sweltering heat… #
  • lady at office is in a debating mood today. watching from a distance #
  • @thepete if it’s any consolation to you I can’t use Ebay or PayPal (the nerve!) apps on the iPhone here in Japan. Need a use iTunes account #
  • GTD iPhone rtm is quite a combo #
  • – Advert: non-running mascara for men #
  • @endekks no as in @rtm aka #
  • @CSkardon I was gonna title it "these colors don’t run … by Maybeline" #
  • @mubix sorry looks like Twitter strips plus signs. I use’s ToDo for the iphone and for sync anywhere task lists. FTW #

21 the Movie

Brilliant MIT youth discovers easy cash and the fast life, betraying his mentor only to crash miserably and finally redeem himself. Typical story but pregnant with potential. It was quite entertaining but there wasn’t enough depth. Everything just got glossed over without fully exploring all the real conflicts and dynamics. The actors were good. Perhaps too good considering the limited material. I guess despite the luscious Las Vegas backdrops and brilliant youth getting an intoxicating taste of fast riches there wasn’t enough dramatic momentum to win the jackpot.

21 (2008 film)

Twits and Such for 2008-07-30

  • @endekks been using appigo’s ToDo and RTM/Toodledo syncing sure makes it a winner. I didn’t regret paying $10 #
  • mixi’s coming to iPHone (once the wifi app store updates), someone’s answering my prayers. #
  • Mixi app where art thou? #
  • @endekks I do need mixi to organize events. I want the app so I don’t need to visit the full version 😉 #
  • mixi sure rushed out a crap iphone application #
  • greaat, iphone suddenly restarts as I update the MySpace app which I haven’t used once… #

Twits and Such for 2008-07-29

  • good iPhone headphones arriving in another two weeks! #
  • @danwtmoon you can do it with a $12 app right now, but I’m sure RTM can come with something better and maybe more reasonable. #
  • this is the phone I was waiting for before the iPhone craze #
  • Casio G’Zone was the best cell phone I ever owned. Water-proof, shock-proof, and a lasting battery after two years. New model has a TV…. #
  • @Yokitis I already got the iPhone and it’s already cutting into my food budget… no phones for me. #
  • @ConstantineXVI they always improve the G’zone design ever so slightly when they re-release it abroad. #
  • @endekks I need to find a way to work that into my blog design. LOL #
  • suddenly we got like 4 iphones in our small office. #
  • @endekks depends. Probably not as much of a shortage as other countries #
  • @Nasef well, loading up an iPhone with a bunch of apps can sometimes do strange things but otherwise it’s more or less smooth sailing. #
  • 1Password with iPhone syncing #
  • plucked down some money for that appigo Todo for the iPhone. Now I better get productive! #

Twits and Such for 2008-07-28

  • – this is where the hangover started #
  • hangover is fading out ever so slowly. alcohol gives me 1/2 the pleasure it used to and twice the pain. #
  • @endekks I’ll take that advice when they start selling it on Amazon #
  • NetNewsWire is pretty amazing!!! #
  • NNW iphone that is #
  • Seriously, this would complete my iPhone wishlist for now #
  • @masontech yeah, now you be flooded with info on the go. But seriously, a dream come true. Just have to add discipline to it. #
  • So I don’t waste too much time checking feeds! 😉 #
  • @endekks saw it coming… #

Twits and Such for 2008-07-27

  • I’m freskin drunk!!!!!?!!! #
  • @ayucat that’s the sign of sanity. screw the crowd, just follow your heart #
  • a hangover is never the best way to start a Monday… #
  • now I see why Pownce hasn’t taken off #

iPhone, the Ugly Disgrace

Perhaps the most uncomfortable truth that Apple apologists and early adopters must face is that Apple, in its current incarnation (since it dropped “Computer” from its name), is that they knowingly violate the principles of what should be acceptable to release after a decade of OS X releases. Its as if we are back to square one or OS X 10.0.

This weekend I dealt with two issues. One was a kernel panic caused by a corrupt sparse image on my Time Capsule. Another was an iPhone rendered unresponsive by one too many app store installations. I’ve lost a month of so-called backups because of a corrupt sparse image and what’s worse is that a mere corrupt sparse image somehow triggers continuous kernel panics in the operating system!

For the iPhone, I was stuck re-installing the entire system as I was heading out the door. The so-called back up of my iPhone that on many occasions took over an hour to generate on iTunes was also “corrupt” and I ended up beginning my restoration process from the last backup of my long gone iPod Touch. I was frantically trying to restore contacts and restarting the iPhone on the train, a last gamble to make things right. During that time there were many “moments” I thought my iPhone would not snap out of of the dreaded “silver Apple on black” start up screen.

When you think about the iPhone 3G or specifically the iPhone OS 2.0, it may be acceptable as a glorified PDA but as a phone it is totally unacceptable. It takes forever to restart from scratch and is too unstable. I even had the preference panel of the iPhone crash on me. Really! Has Apple forgotten that a phone, and that is any phone, is a lifeline service. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether we can check out the whether or post updates to Facebook. It DOES matter whether we can quickly call the police or reach our dearest people in an emergency. The thought of having to depend on the iPhone for crucial moments literally scares me because I have a feeling it will fail me when I need it the most. I would never ever, recommend this phone to my parents and knowingly put them in danger of owning a phone that may not function when their life’s at stake.

And I’m being nice by not even going on a tirade about dead or “bright red” pixel or the fact that you often need to plug and unplug the headphones when the sound goes dead or lambasting the repeated failure of Mobile Me to properly “launch”.

When it works, the iPhone is an amazing piece of technology that puts the future firmly in your pocket. When it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare of epic proportions. If you haven’t memorized your most valuable contacts or at least have them written down in a black book with ready access to a public phone, you sir are screwed.

The same thing goes with the joke of an operating system that Leopard currently is. One thing obvious is that Apple engineers are spread thin. I’m sure they are doing brilliant things given current resources but either they put too many recent graduates on the job or lost too much talent to Google and other Silicon Valley startups that it makes you wonder what their priorities are. While I am a firm believer in “release early, release often”, I think there are limits to the quality of stuff that should be fit for release.

What kind of company makes a phone that fails as a lifeline service and an operating system that crashes in flames because of a backup image that easily becomes corrupt and rendered useless? The only reason that Apple continuously posts record financial gains is simply because they ARE Apple or specifically because Jobs and Co. can’t do wrong or can they? The recent trials and tribulations I’ve had with the latest Apple products make me wonder if they are any better than Microsoft, which many like myself, have willingly abandoned to be rid of buggy software that eats up countless hours just trying to get things to simply “work”.

Apple has always more or less screwed early adopters by releasing shoddy products that gradually get better until, you guessed it, they release another more shiny successor. However, recently they’ve really outdone themselves by releasing half-baked products even earlier in the development cycle. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was explicitly announced as a public beta. The fact is that they are charging us the same money they do for a final release as they iron out the bugs.

If Apple is going to build their future on the cornerstone of UNIX, they must not stray from the fundamentals of stability and reliability in a mad rush to throw shiny products out the door before competitors. The current state of affairs is simply unacceptable and a disgrace. Maybe the next iteration of the iPhone OS will finally bring us a phone that doesn’t crash before they finally nail cut and paste. Apple will most likely charge us a hefty price for OS X 10.6 or “Snow Leopard”, supposedly focused on stability and performance (as if these were after thoughts upon releasing OS X 10.5 Leper). My advice is that they stay focused on stability and performance for the foreseeable future because these are the only things that matter if Apple is to outlast its illustrious founder because once you let these things go, you’re on a slippery slope that nobody has managed to climb back up from but I’m sure they already know that from observing their Redmond colleagues that they are so quick to poke fun at.

Twits and Such for 2008-07-26

  • now for laundry, dishes, computer maintenance, cleaning and other entertainment #
  • running disk repair on TC from different account. should be a while. now for laundry… #

Twits and Such for 2008-07-25

  • same jeans = less laundry = good for the environment #
  • @timelady advise from the master. bows #
  • these jeans a starting to feel a bit frisky. #
  • $7 Million for iPhone Monkey Balls #
  • captain, the weekend is steadily approaching sir! #
  • good bye overtime city. almost stepped in someone’s puke #
  • @cptsalek almost turned green with envy til I saw the word “boss” #
  • @endekks I wonder. get drunk, fix TimeCapsule, get drunk, gain weight, get drunk #
  • Had to reinstall Twinkle #

Twits and Such for 2008-07-24

  • anybody using these iPhone headphones? #
  • maps is amazing. I’d get more mileage from it if I got out more #
  • I wonder why I lost like 200 followers in a day. Time for inner reflection and soul-searching #
  • @brittanny I will miss them dearly #
  • @Floris but of course, as long as you don’t misbehave 😉 #
  • @geekazine and I’m grateful for that. #
  • DigGoogle! You gotta see the new Digg Guy icon LOL #
  • @mojohito Thank you. I will find the answer from within #
  • wow still beats in Alexa rankings. Must be that iJustine. LOL #
  • kinda like Carrie from SATC only a blogger interested in Tech and not pricey shoes in SanFran #
  • unlimited iPhone battery!!! #
  • @Envoke you’ve gotta be kidding me? wow. That’s what that Whale was! #
  • they need a different whale for the various occasions. One for crashes, one for data loss, one for who the hell knows. #
  • wow. all kinds of Twitter theories. Is it a purge or a system malfunction. Only the whale really knows… #
  • @PatrickTulskie I would not get a TimeCapsule. wifi backup takes forever and it’s a bit flaky. I’d get a cheap, reliable USB drive for TM. #
  • I’ll always miss the fallen twitters. On the good side, maybe it’ll increase uptime! lol #
  • App store installation on the go sucks serious donkey balls #
  • find #
  • on the journey home #
  • I got this dead pixel on my phone that glows bright red #
  • – slow train to nowhere #
  • – guess what this is #
  • @Scaleslea dying in flames #
  • note to self, you’ve got tomatoes #
  • – da hotness #
  • @parsifal train station vent #
  • got carded for trying to buy alkyhol #
  • – amazingly this is the cover of a leading Japanese fitness magazine #
  • – porn section #
  • – cutting edge men’s fashion #
  • – Monkey Balls #
  • – iPhone, for men of fashion #
  • wearing the same jeans for the third day in a row. the adventure continues… #